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My name is Yasuhiko Yamazaki.

I am a japansese independent journalist based on internet media.
I am also a political and social activist.

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I started English-Japanese broadcast biweekly on Wednesday night from the 7th 2015 in order to talk directly to 1.4 billions of English speakers around the world to let them know the hidden and unknown truths on Japan and the world.

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Text of Today's subject

■Five basic ideas of "Yamazaki Civil Revolution Theory"!

(1)The existence of completely different two economies, "the real economy" and "the financial economy" is intentionally hidden by "the ruling class".

1. "The real economy" is an activity that creates useful values for people and is the total of the daily labor of the general public.

2. "The financial economy" is an activity that securitizes "the commodities" and "the capital" produced by "the real economy" into "the financial products" and makes a profit by buying and selling them.

3."The financial economy" is "a gambling economy" that does not produce any value and is completed only by buying and selling "the financial products".

(2)What kind of society is the society we are living in now ?

1.It is a society in which "the financial economy" deprives "the values" created by "the real economy" and swells to a scale several tens of times larger than "the real economy" destroying "the real economy" every day.

2.I call this "the super-financial capitalism".

(3)What are the root causes of the serious problems we are facing on a global scale, (1) wealth gap, (2) terrorism and war, (3) abnormal weather due to global warming (4) crisis of full-scale nuclear war ?

1."The financial economy"that pursues only "the profit" invested a huge amount of money in "the financial products" to create "the huge disparity between rich and poor".

2."The financial economy" set up "the terrorisms" to break out "the wars"to obtaine the huge profits.

3."The financial economy" monopolized "the oil" and induced "the global warming".

4."The financial economy" monopolized "the uranium" and produced a large amount of "nuclear weapons".

(4)Who is the social forces that could end "the super-financial capitalism" and make a major shift to "the shared and symbiotic human capitalism"?

It would be "the revolutionary citizens" of each country in the world who causes "the civil revolution" , establishes "the civil revolutionary government" and executes "the government's promises".

(5)What kind of society would be "the shared and symbiotic human capitalist society" aimed by "the revolutionary citizens" around the world after ending "the super-financial capitalism"?

1. A society where "99% of the general public" is happy, not just a society where "1% of the wealthy" is happy.

2. A society in which "the human dignity" is respected as "the highest value".

3. "the peaceful society" without weapons of mass destruction, wars of aggression, civil wars and refugees.

4. "the equal society" without disparity and discrimination.

5. A society centered on "the real economy" that creates value, not a society in which "the financial economy" that produces no value controls everything.

6."the shared and symbiotic human capitalist society" centered on "the human beings" instead of the "super-financial capitalist society" where "the finance" dominates everything.

7.A stable society free from bubbles, financial crises and recessions.

8.A society in which small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals prosper, not a society in which large corporations, money-makers and financial economy prosper.

9. A society in which the government guarantees a hygienic and cultural minimum life for all people by "the basic income system".

10.A society of "the natural renewable energy" rather than "the carbon energy" or "the nuclear energy".


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