【English BlogNo.3608】■What Kind of Country is Japan? (No1) History and Problems of Postwar Japan.
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I started English-Japanese broadcast biweekly on Wednesday night from the 7th 2015 in order to talk directly to 1.4 billions of English speakers around the world to let them know the hidden and unknown truths on Japan and the world.


Please find and read here-after the English blog based on the scenario of English-Japansese broadcast made yesterday on the 31th March 2021.

【English BlogNo.3608】

■What Kind of Country is Japan? (No1) History and Problems of Postwar Japan.

We must now fundamentally re-question from the root about "the Current Japan " which is becoming more and more declining and confusing!

Japan was defeated in the Asian Aggression War on August 15, 1945 and surrenderedunconditionally.

The aggression wars in Asia led by Emperor Hirohito of Showa killed 50 million people in the Asia-Pacific countries and 3.2 million people in Japan and completely destroyed their lives.

Then, in April 1952, the San Francisco Peace Treaty was signed and "the independence of Japan" was recognized.

Japan was occupied by the Allied Forces commanded by MacArthur, Commander General of GHQ for seven years from 1945 to 1952.。

Commander General MacArthu drafted the Constitution of Japan, the highest law inJapan and implemented it on May 3, 1947.

The Constitution of Japan which was drafted and promulgated by Commander GeneralMacArthur of GHQ ostensibly claimed to be a democratic and modern constitution of peace.

But the substance is a constitution for the benefit of the American ruling class, not for the benefit of the Japanese people.

Commander General MacArthur of GHQ incorporated various "devices" into the Constitutionof Japan so that the US puppet party could always monopolize political power in Japan.

There are four main "devices".

The first device is that the system of the Emperor before the war was preserved in Article 1-8 of the Constitution.

The name of "the Emperor system" was changed to "the Symbol Emperor System" and the same Emperor Hirohito who has changed his images at 100% was placed at the top again.

The second device is that "the American Presidential system" was not adopted as a method of selecting the top of the Central Government, but "the British Parliamentary Cabinet System" with the same royal system was adopted.

"The Parliamentary Cabinet System" is a system in which the representative of the political party who won the majority of seats in the lower house in general election is automatically appointed "Prime Minister",the head of the Central Government.

If Japan has adopted "the American Presidential System" in which the people directly choose the top of the Central Government in election instead of "the Brirish Parliamentary Cabinet System", it would be possible that the representative of the American puppet party would not be always chosen Prime Minister. It would br probable that a communist could be chosen Prime Minister.

The third device consists in giving to the Prime Minister in the name of the Emperor "the right of Dissolution of the House of Representatives" in the article of the Constitution (article 7, paragraph 3) so that the representative of the American puppet party is always chosen Prime Minister.

If the Constitution gives the Prime Minister of the US Puppet Party "the right to dissolve the House of Representatives", he would dissolve the House of Representatives ,organise the general election and win when the opposition is divided or when the opposition lacks funds.

Consequently, the American puppet party"Liberal Democratic Party" has always "won" the general elections and its representative has been appointed Prime Minister to monopolize the administration in a semi-permanent manner.

The fourth device is that Commander General MacArthur of GHQ has not recognized "the right of individual self-defense" which is an essential condition for an independent country in article 9 of the Constitution.

Consequently, the defense of Japan depends 100% on the United States and Japan is no longer "an independent country" but "a country occupied by the American military".


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