【YYNewsEnglishRadio】 ■What is the best way to protect the national life and the real economy of each country destroyed by the Corona pandemic ?
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■What is the best way to protect the national life and the real economy of each country destroyed by the Corona pandemic ?

It is a question of securing the financial resources to protect the national life and the real economy by uniformly taxing the financial economy which considerably increases the assets of the rich by the Corona financial bubble.

Do you know that alongside the real economy that is our life itself, there is the financial economy tens of times larger than the real economy and which generates no value ?

Do you know that the Corona financial bubble is happening in Japan.in Europe andin USA when the real economy is destroyed by the direct blow of the the Corona pandemic and the lives of ordinary people are in danger ?

Do you know the cause of the the Corona financial bubble ?

The cause is that a large part of the countermeasures funds created by the credit creation by the Governments and the Central Banks for the pandemic countermeasures are invested in the financial economy via private banks from where the financial corona bubble occurred.

Do you know the reality of the destruction of national life caused by the CoronaPandemic ?

Do you know that the number of the world's poorest people who live on less than 1.9 dollars a day increased from 80 million to 180 million in the six months from March to August of this year (2020)?

Do you know the reality of the rapid rise in assets of the rich people caused bythe Corona financial bubble ?

Do you know that the richest people in the world with assets exceeding 1 billiondollars increased their assets by 1.3 trillion dollars compared to 3 years ago by the Corona financial bubble?

Why is this happening?

The Government and the Central Bank of each country have created a total of 10 trillion dollars of the national assets as the Corona pandemic countermeasure funds through the issuance of goverment bonds by the Government and the financial mobilization by the Central Bank.

Originally, the full amount of the Corona Pandemic Countermeasure funds shouldbeused to save the national lives and the real economy suffering from the Corona pandemic.

But what is really going on?

The total amount of 10 trillion dollars was created for the counterpart funds tothe Corona pandemic by the Governments issuing the government bonds and by the Central Banks mobilizing finance mainly in Japan, the United States and European countries.

However, the private banks which are included as receivers of the Governments andthe Central banks have spent a significant portion of the funds in the financial economy which they control rather than in the real economy.

As a result, the Corona financial bubble erupted mainly in North America, Europeand Japan.

What is the best way to protect the national life and the real economy of each country destroyed by the Corona pandemic ?

It is a question of ceasing to tax on the real economy like VAT and to impose uniformly the tax of 5% on all the transactions of the financial products.

For example in the case of Japan, the real economic scale is the same as the amount of real GDP (Gross Domestic Production) about 5.3 trillion dollars per year.

The scale the financial economy of Japan is the total annual amount of transactions of the financial products such as stocks, corporate bonds, goverment bonds,futures contracts on commodities, derivatives and currencies.

It would be around 100 trillion dollars.

If the 5% taxe is uniformly imposed on all transactions of the financial products in Japan, the new financial resource about 5.0 trillion dollars could be obtained each year.

In order to achieve the taxation of the financial economy in each country of theworld, it would be absolutely essential to set up the civil revolutionary Government aiming to save the national lives and to revive the real economy by legally overthrowing the existing Government!



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