【English BlogNo3490】 ■ At what stage of capitalism are we living now ?(No1)
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Please find here-after the English blog revised on the scenario of English-Japansese broadcast made yesterday on 23rd September 2020.

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【English BlogNo3490】

■ At what stage of capitalism are we living now ?(No1)

We live in the seventh stage of "the capitalism", "super-financial capitalism".

Marx and Engels once argued that "if the working class overthrows the capitalistclass, abandons private property and carries out a communist revolution, then capitalism will be followed by a "utopia= communist era "without capitalist rule and exploitation."

But this was "wrong".

This is because "the Soviet Union" "Eastern European Socialist Countries" "China" and "North Korea" that achieved "the Communist Revolution" came to "the one-party dictatorship" by communist party executives who "monopolized abandoned privateproperty",not to "the utopia".

As long as human beings cannot survive without depending on "material = capital", "the capitalism" would continue forever and it is "each stage of the capitalism" that would change.

▲ Each stage of capitalism

① First stage: Collection and hunting economy

"Self-sufficiency and barter economy" by collection and hunting

② Second stage: Primitive agricultural economy

A society of "self-sufficiency and barter economy" by agriculture where "money" such as bronze coins has begun to circulate.

③ Third stage: Agricultural capitalism

The feudal lord monopolized the land and ruled the peasants. Dual rule of "Absolute Monarchy" of "Secular Power" and "Vatican Papal Power" of "priesthood" was established in each European country.

"The gold jeweler" started "the money lending business" based on "the gold" of others kept in their safe. "Money lender certificate" has begun to be distributedas "banknote" in the market.

④ Fourth stage: Commercial capitalism

The Merchants who emerged from the development of "the agricultural capitalist economy" dominated the production and distribution of goods, expanded consumptionand realized the accumulation of commercial capital.

"The gold jeweler" changed from "the money lender business" to "the banker" and "the "money lender certificate" became a "banknote" and was distributed to the market. In 1694, the world's first bank, "the Bank of England" was established.

⑤ Fifth stage: Industrial capitalism

The amount of "banknote money" produced by "the bank credit creation" has increased sharply. “Banknote money”was mainly invested in the industrial developmentand expansion, and realized a dramatic expansion of the“real economy".

This is the "Industrial Revolution."

⑥ Sixth stage: Financial capitalism

"The banknote money" proiduced by "the bank credit creation" increased sharply, creating a huge amount of "the speculative money" and "the speculative money economy" surpassed "the real economy".

However, "the gold standard system" limited the economic scale of "the speculative money economy" and "the real economy" by the total amount of "the gold."

The Rothschild Family of Europe ruled the Bank of England in 1815 and in 1913 established the Central Bank = The Federal Reserve System (FRB) in the United States to gain US currency issuance and control.

⑦ Seventh stage: Super financial capitalism

This is the stage of capitalism in which we live.

In 1971 US President Nixon suddenly announced "stopping the conversion of dollars and gold". Due to the so-called "Nixon shock", the economic scales of the "speculative money economy" and "the real economy" are no longer supported by "the gold" and can be "infinitely expanded".

After that,The Central Banks of each country controlled by "the Rothschild International Financial Mafia" reprinted a large amount of "the bank money" without being limitted by the stock of "the gold" and without being interfered by the government and created a huge "speculative money market" and "financial economy" expanded to dozens of times the scale of the "real economy."

As a result, "the real economy" that creates useful value for people in each us country of the worl was destroyed by "the financial economy" that is a non-value-producing economy.

As a result, "poverty," "war and terrorism," and "destruction of the global environment" are being "expanded and reproduced" on a global scale.

In other words, in the satge of "the Capitalism" in which we live now, there areonly "a very few people" of "the the world ruling class = Rothschild international financial mafia" that controls "The Centrak Banks" and "the financial economy" of the world and their minions "the country ruling class" rule and exploit completely "the 99.99% of the general public" in the world.

Furthermore, "their basic structure of world and nations' rule and exploitation" is "cleverly hidden", so most ordinary people remain unaware of "its identity"!


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