This is an english broadcasting from Japan.

Here is the scinario broadcasted on 30th October 2013 Wensday at 20:50 in the local time.

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Hellow Everyone !

Thank you very much for your attention to my English broadcasting from Japan.

We are today 9th October 2013 at 8 oclock 50 minuts in the evening at local time.

My name is Ysuhiko Yamazaki.I am an independent journalist on web-media.

I am also a social-political activist.

I am broadcasting everyday in Japanese at 2 oclock in the afternoon.

I started English broadcasting on 19 th August this year.It passed now 2 months.
The purpose of English broadcasting is to talk directly to 500 million english speaking people in the world and I want to let them know the real Japan and the real world.

■ Here is the title of tonight 今夜の英語放送のタイトルです!

▲Shinzo Abe.Prime Minister of Japan uses thoroughly 79-year-old Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko!

In spite of bad physical conditions of the Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko,they will be forced by Prime Minister,Shinzo Abe,called Hitler Second to make theofficial visit over a week to India nest November.

Emperor Akihito now in its 80 years-old in next December received a coronary artry bypass heart surgery in February last year.

Empress Michiko has also a trouble in her health.She nanswered at 79th birthday on 20th last October in the written reply to the questions made by Imperial HouseholdAgenc Press Club that she couldn't attend the public service several times this year due to numbness and pain on limbs.

In the normal case,79-year-old is the old-old age of humain beeing to enjoy the rest olife quietly surrounded by children and grandchildren.

However, it would not matter at all such as age and health of The Majesties for Shinzo Abe who wants to realize his personal ambition to sell to India the nuclear power plant.

Shinzo Abe wants to regain "The Empire and the Old Constitution" and to entirelydeny the actual Constitution.

Shinzo Abe wants to make war together with the U.S. military by tolerating the right of collective self-defense exercise, by reorganizing Self-Defense Forces to invading armys,by establishing the military court and introducing a conscription.

Shinzo Abeby wants to crackdown and uproot opponents by passing the bill of "thesecret protection law" now in the Diet.

Shinzo Abeby wants to compete the invading war of aggression with the United States in according to the timetable specified with the U.S. military-industrial complex=Neocon.

We do not never forgive the fascist Abe Shinzo to go out of control and to make war broke out with China or "World War III.

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