【English Blog】■In the U.S where the social destruction becomes more serious,why have only the wealthy people increased their assets by "566 billion dollars in the past three months? (No1)
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Please find here-after the English blog based on the scenario of English-Japansese broadcast made yesterday on the 17th June 2020.


My name is Yasuhiko Yamazaki.

I am a japansese independent journalist based on internet media.

I am also a political and social activist.

I am broadcasting everyday in Japanese 【YYNewsLive】 except Saturday and Sundayat 9:00 p.m. in local time for more than 7 years.

Approximately 1000 persons are watching every time.
I started English-Japanese broadcast biweekly on Wednesday night from the 7th 2015 in order to talk directly to 1.4 billions of English speakers around the world to let them know the hidden and unknown truths on Japan and the world.

【English BlogNo.3426】

■In the United States where the destruction of lives, economic destruction and social destruction due to the "new coronavirus pandemic" become more serious, why have only the wealthy people increased their assets by "566 billion dollars = about 62trillion yen" in the past three months? (No1)

Why has Amazon-led Jeff Bezos increased his assets by $36.2 billion dollars=about 4 trillons yen in the last three months?

First of all, let's look at the damage situation in the United States due to the "new coronavirus pandemic"! (As of June 2020)

Death toll: 116,000

Infected: 2.124 million

Unemployed: 40 million or more,

April-June GDP forecast: -25% (worst postwar period)

▲Why are only the wealthiest people in the United States fat enough in spite of the serious damage to the general American population ?

The answer in a word is that in the United States also in Japan, the "corona bubble" occurred, stock prices rose, and the wealth of wealthy people who have manyfinancial assets increased dramatically.

Why did the "Corona Bubble" occur?

That is because the US Central Bank (FRB Federal Reserve Board) has expanded thefunding to the "private banks" by reprinting dollar bills with unlimited quantitative for the "new corona pandemic countermeasures".

Under normal circumstances, the FRB's massively reprinted dollar bills should bedropped directly on individuals, companies, local governments and central governments so-called the "real economy" that were hit by the "new coronavirus pandemic."

Howeve in the current "mechanism,the FRB's "credit-creation" banknotes are not "dropped" directly into the "real economy",they are"dropped" into the "private banks".

Under the current "mechanism," private banks are supposed to "drop" most of the funds provided by the FRB into the "financial economy," rather than the "real economy."

In other words, in the current“mechanism", the large amount of funds created by the Central Bank for the purpose of the“countermeasures against the new corona pandemic”goes through the“private bank”is not used for the original purpose of the“rescue of the pandemic victim”.

The most of it is used in the “financial economy" creating the“financial bubble”.

(No1 end)

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Yasuhiko Yamazaki
e-mail: yampr7@mx3.alpha-web.ne.jp


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