【English Blog】■The former Russian officer has revealed that the pandemic of the new coronavirus is an attack against all humans by "The World Hidden Force of Domination"!
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Please find here-after the English blog based on the scenario of English-Japansese broadcast made yesterday on the 06th May 2020.



My name is Yasuhiko Yamazaki.

I am a japansese independent journalist based on internet media.

I am also a political and social activist.

I am broadcasting everyday in Japanese 【YYNewsLive】 except Saturday and Sundayat 9:00 p.m. in local time for more than 7 years.

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【English BlogNo.3396】

■The former Russian officer of the Military Information Agency has revealed that the pandemic of the new coronavirus is a strategic attack with four objectivesfixedagainst all humans by "The World Hidden Force of Domination"!


▲Colonel Vladimir Kvachikov, former GRU (Military Information Agency) officer of Russian Army who was invited to the Russian television newspaper explained asfollows on "The real identity of the pandemic of new coronavirus".

1."This new coronavirus" was not natural, but it was produced artificially.I hasbeen synthesized by two viruses and has been spreaded in China and Europe.

2.The person who has synthesized "the new coronavirus" and has distributed in China and in Europe was "The World Hidden Force of Domination".

3."The World Hidden Force of Domination" has four objectives.

(1) Religious objective: to reduce the world population.

(2) Political objective: To deprive the political freedom enjoyed by the people and to control the people.

(3) Financial objective: to burst the current huge financial bubble.

(4) Geo-political and economic objective: to destroy the enemies of the United States like as China and Europe.

4."The World Hidden Force of Domination" has launched for the same purpose on September 11th 2001 an operation of "Simultaneous Terrorism in U.S in the name of"The War on Terrorism.

5.The medias in each country of the world hide "the true identity of the new coronavirus pandemic" and "the goals of The World Hidden Force of Domination ".Theycooperate witj them to achieve their goals.

▲I summarize below the content that Colonel Vladimir Kvachikov exposed in the interview.

1."The pandemic of the new coronavirus" should not be considered from the point of view of public health or the pandemic.

2. "The pandemic of the new coronavirus" must be considered from the point of view of "the world power of domination" and not of a pandemic. In other words, we have to think from a religious point of view, from a political point of view, from a financial point of view, from an economic point of view and from a nationalpoint of view.

3. "The New Coronavirus Pandemic" is called "pandemic" by the medias, but they are lying. It is "a Special Strategic Worldwide Operation".

4.To be precise, it is an operation carried out by the General Command of "The World Hidden Force of Domination" to control "all humanity".

5.The goal of "The World Hidden Force of Domination" is to reduce the world population.

6.This idea is their fixed idea. They think that there are too many people on this planet and that it would be enough about 100 million people of the same race as them and at most 1 billion people who serve them.

7."The New Coronavirus Pendemic" and "Ehe Financial Crisis" are interconnected and they will occur at about the same time.

8.Their aim is to stop the movement of people around the world and limit political freedom.

9.It is practically impossible to do politically these two things.Because the Constitution of each country guarantees them.

10.There are the political rights which people are enjoying.The first attempt todeprive the people of these rights has taken place on September 11th 2001.

11.There are not so many people who remember the attack to the Twin Towers of New-York, the Pentagon and the White House. After that attack, "the War on Terrorism" was declared.

12.To fully understand "The Current Phenomenon of New Coronavirus", it must be remembered that the first attempt of "The War against All Humanity" was disguisedas "The War against Terrorism".

13."The World Hidden Force of Dominion" has caused "The 911 Attack in 2001".

14.This time, they have introduced "The New Coronavirus" as a pretext for bettercontrolling all humanity and for robbing them the political rights.

15.The genera command of "The World Hidden Force of Domination" would limit the political rights of people and scare them.

16.This is the second objective. The first objective is the reduction of the population. The third objective is the destruction of the financial economy. For example, if you have here a pencil for $ 1, it would be 20 times more expensive in"The Financial Economy" such as stocks, promissory notes, and derivative financial products.

17.That is to say, "The Real Cconomy" becomes "The Virtual Economy# thanks to financial products. The world is now in a 1,000 to 2,000 trillion dollar of "The Financial Bubble" and it has to burst.

18.The Central Bank of US FRB recently lowered the interest rate to 0%. The bankdeposit rates are negative in many countries. The world is already heading towards the bursting of "The Financial Bubble".

19.It is said that "The Bew Coronavirus" originated in China, but the Chinese Government categorically denied it by claiming that the virus had been manufactured artificially.

20.The Chinese scientists have discovered that "The Wuhan's New Coronavirus" was produced artificially and that it was synthesized from two types of virus.

21.Let's talk about Italy here. What has happened in Italy? Why did a virus more virulent than "the Wuhan New Virus" suddenly appear in Italy? Thousands of people have already been infected and around 1,000 people have died. In Italy, the number of people who die from flu, pneumonia or hepatitis is 100 times higher than usual.

22.This was not reported by the media. We are poisoned by "The Special Political and Psychological Advertisements" by tje media.

23."The Special Psychological Information Campaign" is carryed out by the mass media for the profit of "The Global Hidden Force of Domination" to To guide people in different directions.. It is important to note that "The Corona Phenomenon"is "The Special Operation" carried out by the general command of "The World HiddenForce of Domination".

24.In China they have executed strict measures. President Xi Jinping has traveled to Wuhan to eliminate the "pro-American faction". "The Patriotic School fraction " is supporting now President Xi Jinping.

25.In China there is certainly "The Pro-American Power" of the former Comsomol (Youth League of the Communist Party). They have tried to use "The New Coronavirus of Wuhan"to gain political and economic benefits.

26.As Xi Jinping succeeded in limiting "The Pro-American Power", the pandemic has diminished. But this time it caught fire in Europe.

27.Why China and Europe? The answer to this question of the military intelligence officers is that "The Two Countries" are American geo-political and economic competitors.

28.They therefore spread the viruses in China and Europe. There are four objectives in "The Phenomenon of the New Virus". The first objective is a religious objective to destroy humans on earth and reduce the population. The second objective is to control politically humans. Third is the collapse of the huge financialbubble. And the fourth is to eliminate geo-political and economic competitors.

29.Russia would certainly be the target. There are two objectives. The first is to reduce the Russian population. The second is "The Purification of Russian Territory", that is "The Division of Territory".

30.As a military intelligence officer, I would like to make a final remark. You can't get rid of other parasites without getting rid of "the Russian Internal Parasites" that control us.


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