【English Blog】 Why have Jews (not real Jews but converted Jews) been hated and banished from all over the world?
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【English Blog】

■Why have Jews (not real Jews but converted Jews) been hated and banished from all over the world?

The fact that there are two kinds of Jews in the world has been hidden and most people of the world do not know it.

The first Jews are the real Jewish people called "Sufarady (of Spain) Jews" who have lived in the Palestinian region for a long time and who continue to live now.

The second Jews are the converted Jewish people called "Ashkenazi (of Germany) Jews" of white series of equestrian races of Turkey of the "Hazar Kingdom" who lived in the vast area surrounded by the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

They have nothing to do with Palestine at 1,300 kilometers away.

They abandoned their religion in 740 AD and converted to the third religion Judaism to avoid the invasion from the Christian nations and from the Muslim nations of the neighboring countries.

The "Hazar Kingdom" was destroyed in 1243 and the Converted Jews went abroad as a wanderer throughout Europe, mainly in Eastern Europe.

Afterwards the Converted Jews called themselves "Ashkenazi (of Germany) Jews" and caused the movement "Zionism" to rebuild their hometown to Israeli land (Palestine) which has nothing to do with their originality.

It was not the first real Jews but the second converted Jews who were hated and banished from all over the world.

There are three reasons for that.

The first cause was that the converted Jews were hated by people because they used "lending" as the main business that was regarded as negative occupations.

The second reason that seems to be the greatest cause was that the real Jews living in Palestine believed in the Judaism scripture "Old Testament", but the Converted Jews believed in the Jewish secret scripture "Talmud" which preaches extreme electionism thoughts and extreme exclusive other ethnic attacks.

The third cause was that a ridiculous person who tried to realize the teachings of"Talmud" in the world appeared in Frankfurt in Germany in the mid 18th century.

This man was named Mayer Amschel Bauer(later renamed Rothschild),the founder of the International Financial Mafia of Rothschild.

In 1774 he formed an execution unit"Illuminati" for the establishment of an unified government and formulated and implemented the "World Revolutionary Action Plan" of 25 articles.

▲list of lands where Jews were chased in past 1000 years

Source: Andrew・Hitchcock translated by Ota Ryu "Jewish Rothschild World Ruthless Domination Timeline"

Mainz 1012
France 1182
Upper Bavaria 1276
United Kingdom 1290
France 1306
France 1322
Saxony 1349
Hungary 1360
Belgium 1370
Slovakia 1380
France 1394
Austria 1420
Lyon 1420
Cologne 1424
Mainz 1438
Augsburg 1438
Upper Bavaria 1442
Netherlands 1444
Brandenburg 1446
Mainz 1462
Mainz 1483
Warsaw 1482
Spain 1492
Italy 1492
Lithuania 1495
Portugal 1496
Naples 1496
Navarre 1498
Nuremberg 1498
Junova 1515
Naples 1533
Italy 1540
Naples 1541
Prague 1541
Junova 1550
Bayern 1551
Prague 1557
Papacy in Rome 1569
Hungary 1582
Hamburg 1649
Vienna 1669
Slovakia 1744
Moravian 1744
Bohemia 1744
Moscow 1891


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