【英日語放送】Japanese society is full of frauds but these of American are huge!日本の社会も不正だらけだが米国社会の不正は巨大だ!,,
Hello Everyone!

Thank you very much for your attention to my English-Japanese broadcast form Japan.

We are now Sunday the 19th June 2016 at 9 PM in locla time.

My name is Yasuhiko Yamazaki.

I am a japanese independent journalist based on internet media.

I am also a political and social activist.

I am broadcasting everyday in Japanese 【YYNewsLive】 except Saturday and Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in local time for more than 3 years and 11 months.

I started English broadcast once a week on Sunday from the 7th February 2016 in order to talk directly to 1.4billions of English speakers around the world to let them know the hidden and unknown truths on Japan and the world.

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【main subject of today】


■Japanese society is riddled with fraud but the incorrect scale of American society is huge!


The common frauds in Japan and the United States might be the following points.


①The Constitutions of Japan and of the US are not protected and the constitutional violations are openly carried out.


This is because the regime top of the Japanese Prime Minister and the US President can appoint the Chief of the Supreme Court


This is because the Chief of the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court members of both countries tolerate the violation of the Constitution by the governments..


The only way to prevent the violation of the Constitution by the government might be to set up the Constitutional Court of Highest Authority to be directly elected and to be specialized in the unconstitutional examination.


②The Central Bank of Japan and The Central Bank of the United States (FRB) are both dominated and managed by The International Financial Mafia of Convert Jews Rothschild.


They have chosen and sent their operatives as the Governor of the the Bank of Japan and the Chairman of FRB to plunder legally the national assets for their profit.


③The mega-banks and the financial institutions in Japan and in the United States come together with the government and the central bank to use "the fraud system of producing money out of nothing = reserve requirements system.


They are earning huge profits by embezzling legally the national assets.


④The US presidential election system is not a direct election system to choose the president from American people.


A 240-year-old fashioned indirect election system at the independence time is still used.


It is a complex and strange system to choose the delegates by the primary elections of 6 months by the Democrats and Republicans and to choose the President contenders of each parties at the party convention in July.


This electoral system is a bogus system in which public opinion does not reflect accurately


⑤In Japan the Liberal Democratic Party governments have lied about the right to dissolve of the parliament saying "the right to dissolve the House of Representatives is the Prime Minister's exclusive matter".


The Liberal Democratic Party governments have dissolved the House of Representatives when it was advantageous to their own interests and they have used all the powers of the ruling party.


It is of course that the Liberal Democratic Party has monopolized the post-war regimes in Japan by the victories in every general election.


⑥The US Department of Defense and the military industry have formed a huge military-industrial complex and have integrated the politicians and bureaucrats and the think tank of the war supremacist forces = Neo-Con in order to dominate all over the world by causing aggression wars,civil wars,terrorism and anti-terrorism.


⑦The leading the mass medias of Japan and the United States has been acquired by the government and they are inducing the public opinion in line with the intentions of the government by information manipulation and information-blocking.


⑧More than 100 million of American people(about 40% of the nation) are believing the big lie,such as the following big lies of Christian fundamentalist who has a great influence along with the Jewish Zionists.


1)"Human beings and the whole world have been created by the Almighty God in a week."


2)"All human beings are owing the original sin from the time of birth."


3)"After the victory of good persons in the last war between the good persons believing in God and the evil persons who don't believe in God, God would descend to earth and a peaceful would would come."


⑨In Japan, a big religious cult "Soka Gakkai" and his political party "Komeito" have exercised the political powers by the coalition with the Liberal Democratic Party for more than 18 years.


"Soka Gakkai" and his political party "Komeito" have clearly violated the article 20-1 of the Constitution "Any religious organization should not receive the privilege from the government, nor exercise any political authority".




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Yasuhiko Yamazaki
e-mail: yampr7@mx3.alpha-web.ne.jp
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