【English】■It must be essential for us to know the identity of the Jews!ユダヤ人の正体を知ることが肝要だ!

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My name Ysuhiko Yamazaki.

I am a japansese independent journalist based on internet media.

I am also a political and social activist.

I am broadcasting everyday in Japanese 【YYNewsLive】 except Saturday and Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in local time for more than 3 yearsand 8 months.

I started English broadcast once a week on Sunday from the 7th Feburary 2016 in order to talk directly to 1.4billions of English speakers around the world to let them know the hidden and unknown truths on Japan and the world.

So please find here-after the English blog edited from the broadcast scenario ofyesterday's broadcast.

【English Japanese Blog】

■It must be essential for us to know the identity of the Jews who are the main body of the world ruling class in order to stop the expansion of, not only the poverty and the large social disparities all over the world but also to stop the terrorism and the wars and the outbreaks of the world financial crisis and the Third WorldWar=nuclear war.

今全世界に急速に拡大している貧困や大格差社会、テロや戦争、世界金融恐慌や第三次世界大戦=核戦争勃発を我々が阻止するためには、世界支配 階級の本体であるユダヤ人の正体を知ることが不可欠だ!

We Japanese do not know well the the identity of Jews.


People in other countries do not even know well the identity of the Jews.


What we know about the Jews is that 3 million -600 million people of the Jews were massacred by the Jewish extermination policyof Hitler and that the stat of Israerl of Jews was built by depriving the lands of Palestinians after the Second World War and that
they speak Hebrew and faith Judaism,、that they are thoroughly ccracking down on the Palestinians of Israel, that they are hostile to the surrounding, Arabs and the the United States is thoroughly asylum Israel.

我々が知っているユダヤ人とは、ヒットラーのユダヤ人絶滅政策で300万人-600万人のユダヤ人が虐殺されたこと、第二次世界大戦後にパレスチ ナ人の土地を奪ってイスラエルを建国したこと、ユダヤ教を信仰しヘブライ語を話すこと、イスラエル国内のパレスチナ人を徹底的に弾圧しているこ と、周囲のアラブ人と敵対していること、米国はイスラエルを徹底的に庇護していることことくらいだ。

However, the Jews are not racial or ethnic people.


The Jews are persons who believe in Judaism


The Jewish population is 13.58 million people in all the world.Here-after is th Jewish population in the major countries and
population rstion over the total populaion.(2010)


① Israel    5,704,000 people (74.81%)

イスラエル 570.4万人(74.81%)

② US      5,275,000 people (1.71%)

米国     527.5万人(1.71%)

③ France 484,000 people (0.75%),

フランス   48.4万人(0.75%)

④ Canada 375,000 people in (1.10%)

カナダ   37.5万人(1.10%)

⑤UK 292,000 people (0.47%)

英国     29.2万人(0.47%)

⑥ Russia 205,000 people (0.14%)

ロシア   20.5万人(0.14%)

The fact that there are historically two kinds of Jews has been hidden.


①Genuine Jews: at the ancient times they had been living in Palestine
Jewish-Sufaradi (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob bloodline) → orthodox Jews


②Fake Jews: Ashkenazi (Khazar tribes who had converted to Judaism)


European Rothschilds who are the center of the world ruling class are the ake Jewish bloodline (bloodline Cazal ethnic).


European Rothschilds have taken over the British and US takeover in the 19th century.


European Rothschilds have built the Jewish state = Israel after the Second World War.


Israel the Jewish state is dominated by the Fake Jewish(Ashkenazi),not by the Genuine Jews.


US is a stat that is manipulated by Israel.


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▲U.K. Labour Party Member in Hot Water After Saying Israel’s Mossad Is Behind ISIS

30 Mar 2016 The TapeBlog

posted by Gordon


Israel is responsible for the Brussels bombings and ISIS has refrained from attacking Israel ‘because the dog doesnt bite his own tail,’ Bob Campbell says on Facebook before reportedly getting suspended.

In another of a seemingly unending string of controversies over anti-Jewish or anti-Israeli comments by members of Britains Labour Party, Bob Campbell, a party activist who has reportedly claimed that ISIS is controlled by Israel, denies that he has been the suspended by the party.

The London-based Jewish Chronicle and Sunday Times have reported over the past several days that Campbell was suspended pending a party investigation after allegedly posting a claim on Facebook that the Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency runs ISIS. He is also said to have claimed Israel was behind this month’s terrorist bombing in Brussels.

But Britains Independent news website, which added that Campbell alleged on Facebook that ISIS has refrained from attacking Israel “because the dog doesn’t bite his own tail,” said the Labour Party member denied having been suspended. Media reports have said that such a suspension came at the request of his local member of parliament, Tom Blenkinsop of the Labour Party. Blenkinsop represents the Middlesborough region of northeast England, where Campbell lives.

Recent scandals involving extremism of Labour Party activists include Gerry Downing, who is said to have objected to condemnation of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States.

He was expelled from the party this month. Vicki Kirby, a former Labour Party parliamentary candidate, took heat in 2014 over tweets in which she reportedly stated that Adolf Hitler might be the “Zionist God” and that Jews had “big noses.”

She was suspended from the party twice. In mid-February, Alex Chalmers, the co-chair of the Oxford University Labour Party Club, resigned after the group decided to support Israel Apartheid Week. He claimed many club members “have some kind of problem with Jews.”

The party, which last governed Britain under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown between1997 and 2010, is now led by Jeremy Corbyn, who since his election as party headlast summer has engendered concern in the British Jewish community and elsewherefor views that are seen by some as extreme.

For his part, however, Corbyn recently told Britain’s Sky News: “Since I became leader Ive absolutely condemned anti-Semitism. Ive condemned Islamophobia. Ive condemned any form of racism anywhere within our society. It is absolutely something I totally passionately believe in.”







ロンドンに拠点を置くユダヤ系のサンデータイムズ紙は、数日前から、キャンベル氏がISISはイスラエルの諜報機関、モサドの指揮下にあると発言 したことで党員の資格が停止されたと伝え続けています。

キャンベル氏は、フェースブックにて、ISISはモサドの指揮下で動いており、ブリュッセルの爆弾テロ事件の背後にイスラエル政府がいるとも発言 しました。英労働党は彼に対する調査が終わるまで党員としての資格を停止すると報道されました。

イギリスの独立系ニュースサイトの情報によると、キャンベル氏は、フェースブックにて、犬が自分のしっぽに噛みつかないのと同じように、ISIS はイスラエルを攻撃することはないと伝えています。さらに彼は今も党員の資格は停止されていないと主張しています。


さらに、労働党の活動家であるゲリー・ダウニング氏は、アメリカで起きた9.11テロ事件に対する非難の根拠を否定したことで今月、労働党から追 放されました。

また、2014年に労働党の元議員候補のヴィッキー・カービー氏は、ツイッターで、ヒットラーはシオニストの神だった可能性があり、ユダヤ人は鼻 が大きいと発言し、2度も党員資格を停止されました。

2月中旬には、オックスフォード大学の労働党クラブのアレックス・チャルマー副会長は、労働党クラブがイスラエルに対するアパルトヘイトを支持す ると決定したため、労働党を離党しました。


1997年~2010年まで与党の地位を維持した労働党の現在の党首はジェレミー・コービンです。彼は昨年夏に過激な労働党党首としてイギリスの ユダヤ人コミュニティや他のコミュニティに不安を生じさせました。

しかしコービン党首はスカイニュースを通して、「私が党首になってから、反ユダヤ、イスラム恐怖症を糾弾している。我々の社会において絶対に人種 差別があってはならない。」と伝えました。


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